Saturday, November 22, 2014

Travel, sunset, flags and pizza

Looking Up a Valley in Central Pennsylvania
This time if year, it is best to leave for a road trip while there is still plenty of daylight.

The road trip this weekend is to upstate New York near the region where the epic snows have been falling, but not quite there; thankfully!

I enjoyed the drive because I didn't have to drive the first part of the trip and was able to look out the window and absorb the views as the sun began to set. It is that golden time of day when the sun makes even the leafless trees look interesting in the setting light. I especially enjoyed the lengthening shadows cast by the setting sun on the hills.

The colors were so bright yesterday against the crisp (OK, cold) sky.
Flag on the Bridge to Northumberland, PA

Sadly, though, as we were traveling across the bridge into Northumberland, PA, I saw something that needs to be corrected. The bridge has a number of US flags adorning the span, but they are in a sad state of repair and need to be replaced. Many of the flags along the bridge were torn similar to the one I imaged here. Proper care an respect of the flag mandates that these flags need to be replaced. I hope this happens soon.
Dinner at the end of the road

Fortunately there was only a dusting of snow on the ground when we arrived. The heavy snow is more north. The good news was that when we arrived there was a pizza waiting for us and that easily erased the memory of the trip. 

Traffic on Friday afternoon was frustrating even though we left just after noon. It took almost an hour to drive the 30 minutes around the Baltimore beltway. That set up a chain of events that caused us to hit heavy afternoon traffic in two other locations. Ugh! All told, traffic added an hour to our trip. 

But we arrived safely and I enjoyed the views until darkness fell and then, of course, it was my turn to drive.

It is the weekend. I am going to enjoy it and have a great time. I will be back home and at work too soon.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Danby, NY

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