Saturday, November 8, 2014

First Frost Surprise

It wasn't supposed to happen this way. There was no forecast of frost for our area--but sure enough, last night the temperature dipped four degrees colder than it was supposed to and the frost arrived to terminate the autumn flowers we have been enjoying. 

It is still dark outside, and so I do not know the extent of the damage; but at least I brought in most of the plants we want to save through the winter.

The house is near the bottom of a low spot, and I have learned that cold goes downhill seeking the low places--that would be my house. The official temperature at 6AM, still 44 minutes before sunrise is 32.4 degrees. But my thermometer is recording 29.8 degrees, and falling. The temperature has gone down a whole degree since I woke up at 5AM and realized a freeze was in progress and rescued as many of the plants as I could.

The extent of the damage is unknown and likely it will be a day or so before we know how many will succumb to the cold.

Autumn has moved into the next phase--the final lock down before winter arrives. The cold winds of November are blowing. The darkness is settling and we are more and more confined to in door activities. The trees have mostly given up their leaves, and those remaining give the world a rusted hue when meeting the rays of the dawning sun. Green is giving way to brown and gray as the cold works its way into the region and winter's first big storm is lashing the Pacific Ocean making its way towards the coast and to cover the land with unseasonably cold temperatures. 

I am happy that I have so far enjoyed the season--but I do long for spring, already.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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