Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Snow Village Arrives for the Holidays

The completed display
After a year hiatus, the annual version of our Snow Village was created yesterday. It was an especially complex assembly because we decided, at the last minute, to add a train to the scene. The train was graciously loaned to us by Patrick and Tina. 
The boxes being staged

The first and most difficult decision surrounding the display was the location. Even though the Snow Village is fairly large, we actually discussed five different locations and the final location--interestingly, was not one of the initial choice. This year, the display is in our dining room.
Initial layout without train

The Snow Village is a whole day project, well almost all day, that requires multiple boxes to be retrieved from the storage area and staged. The multiple buildings and pieces which become the scene must each be checked and placed on  the underlying base which I have made configurable for what ever space we choose. 
The train is Assembled and the city placed

The train caused the base to be changed this year, which delayed assembly, but also provided some exciting creativity moments. The change is evident in the pictures I have added. We used an HO scale train, however, upon reflection, I'm not sure that is the best scale for the Snow Village. But, hey, it works and it is fun, for the first time ever, to have an operating train in the village. 

Seven hours after we began--it was complete. I believe we will continue to incorporate trains into the village and will do a better job planning in the future. It will likely become a train display with a Snow Village rather than a Snow Village with a train. 

Bring on the holidays!

Note: One observant reader asked about the Christmas lights I put on the house on Veterans Day. To clarify, the lights are in place but not illuminated. We do not begin lighting them until the day after Thanksgiving when it truly becomes the Christmas Season.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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