Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunrise Fire in the Sky

Sunrise Reflected in the Car Door
Yesterday morning the fiery sunrise that graced the eastern sky was something to behold.

I walked outside to photograph it and I saw its reflection in the car. It was stunning, ruining in a stripe along the door of the car.

The sunrise was even more spectacular when looking at it through the naked, ready for winter, trees. The day was dawning and with it promise and excitement. Even though it was clear and cold, it was about 18 degrees as I stood outside with no coat and bare feet taking the picture, the artistry in the sky was something to be marveled at and appreciated. 
Sunrise, Saturday November 22, 2014
Danby, NY

I wish I were a painter like Van Gogh, but at least I can take an image to remember the magnificence of the scene.

I saw the fire of the sun as it crept above the horizon, the scene seemed even colder than it was because of the bare trees.

I am glad I imprinted this scene on my mind. But that was yesterday.

I wonder what joys today will bring?

-- Bob Doan, writing from Danby, NY

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