Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Race for Maryland's Governor

The advertisements and campaigning have begin in earnest for this November's election. Maryland will get a new governor. The O'Malley tenure will finally come to an end, but sadly, I'm not sure, from what I've seen so far, that the ineptitude in the State House will come to an end.

The Maryland Minority Report highlights some of the abuses of power that the majority party continues to inflict upon the residents of the state. For me, I would like to see a flat income tax--period. Everyone contributes to support the state and the services they receive. Why is that bad?

Maryland politics needs a thorough house cleaning, from top to bottom. With the just ended legislative season I was appalled at by the statement of many delegates as they remarks---we didn't raise taxes, but we reduced deductions. Really? What is the difference? I lose more of my take home pay to support the bloated spending in Annapolis. 

Bottom line is that I need to see some concrete proposals from the candidates as to how to relieve the tax burden and become a thriftier state in terms of budget. 

So far--only platitudes about supporting the disabled and what the candidates did in their prior lives before politics. Let's get real--the state needs leadership to get out of the budgetary abyss that it is falling into and which is threatening the industrial base as well as the livelihood of everyone who lives here.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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