Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Opening Day Reflections

Opening Day Baltimore Orioles 2014
Springtime arrived, at least for a day. With temperatures soaring into the 60's and skies turning blue allowing the warming rays of the sun to do their work, it was an idyllic baseball day in Baltimore. The stadium was ready and beautiful bathed in the sunlight with the backdrop of the city to complete the image. The Orioles faithful arrived in droves decked out in orange and black enveloping and hiding the few outsiders who tried to represent for the visiting team.

A Sea of Orioles Orange
The home team players ran down the orange carpet to the cheers of the crowd and the excitement in the air was a prelude to the game which was to be played. 

Baseball is back on center stage. Despite it being opening day there was still a lot of talk in the stands about other sports, but baseball was the prime topic. This game pitted the Orioles against the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox and everyone knew that it would not be an easy game. The Red Sox are talented and demonstrated their ability to win close games last year. It was not to be this day as the hometown Orioles took a close, well pitched and played game from the Sox 2-1. 

Conflicted Fan
Highlights? There were a few. Like the conflicted fan. Although I have seen something like this before, I am always astounded when fans want to hedge against announcing which team they are cheering for. I did tell this nice person that I would be using this image in my blog today and she actually posed for the shot. Out of a deep love for the game, I guess I can appreciate her position being from the visitor's city but living here in the land of the Oriole's. It must be a tough life.
Patrick in the O's Maryland flag cap

Another game highlight was the Maryland flag Orioles cap that made its debut at the game. I wanted one of these caps, but by the time I got to the stadium store, they were sold out. Ugh. Why is it that Marylanders love their state flag so much that they want to wear it? I dunno, I guess because it, along with the Texas flag, is the coolest state flag in the country. 

It was a great afternoon of baseball and fun with nearly 47,000 of my new best friends. Sadly, I was late to the festivities and so I missed all of the pregame hoopla at the local watering holes this year with the boys. But, Opening Day is a special day for all of us. More than any other day of the year it is a celebration of springtime looking forward to the hot Dog Days of summer and the many hours of family, friends, and fun that lie ahead.

Walking Eutaw Street in the Stadium
Even better, the Orioles started out with a win! As did all who attended the afternoon game no matter which team they supported. It was a beautiful day after a long and hard winter.

Baseball is back!

Summer is around the corner.

Singing "Take me out to the ballgame" was fun and the crowds were real. Who cares that it took me almost an hour to get home after the game because the traffic was terrible? 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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