Thursday, December 5, 2013

Unintended Torture Device: Automatic Cat Feeder

Gus and the Automatic Feeder
I'm sure the title has your interest at least this far. It really isn't all that nefarious. I almost thought it funny. 

I was introduced to a really cool invention, designed to help our feline friends (in some cases they are more children than friends) who tend towards obesity living in our plush and opulent surroundings lose weight. It is an automatic feeder with metered and timed food delivery. 

Gus is one of my son's cats and he tends towards the heavy side. This really cool feeder was designed to help him find his inner and thinner cat. I was near the device one evening as it was about to meter out Gus's portion. His antics were hilarious as he waited for his portion to drop. Nothing in the world, I am convinced, could separate Gus from the feeder at feeding time. 

Why it is a torture device? Well, the device has no feelings, obviously, and so poor Gus in his enthusiasm does everything he can to get the food to drop earlier--to no avail. Gus is truly tortured while waiting for the food to arrive. He knows the food is in there, but he cannot get to it.

But the automatic feeder is good for Gus as he strives to become the leaner cat of his youth.

Great idea, unintended consequences.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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