Friday, December 27, 2013

It's Over? Really? No!

Jax listening to the Christmas Eve Message
 in Church
I remember back when I was a child that the time after Christmas was the most depressing of the year. The "Days Until Christmas" count was reset to 365, or even worse, 366. It was depressing. I was surrounded by all of the gifts that I had just opened, yet I was unhappy. It was a sad commentary on the meaning of the season.

Perhaps these memories are why I continue to write about Christmas even after the day has passed. Of course, it is still the Christmas season. I was out shopping yesterday doing returns and and still enjoying the ambiance of the season. Especially the traffic and the parking. I thought two black BMWs were going to crash into themselves as I pulled out of a primo parking spot at the Columbia Mall yesterday. It was a pretty ruthless situation. I almost got hit trying to leave.

Here are the boys, Lucas (on the right), then Ethan (in the center), and finally Jax (on the left) singing for the church on Christmas Eve. They can be a bit hard to find and who knows why they couldn't stand together?

I think Jax had it right on Christmas Eve. If we could only sleep through the boring parts until we got to the good parts.

Happy Holidays!

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