Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas is in the House

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is our decorating day and yesterday was no exception. With the movie The Santa Clause playing in the background, supplemented by music of the season, we "Christmafied" the house. And somewhere during the day Chris also rendered the former Thanksgiving turkey into a soup.

Of course there was the obligatory trip to Lowe's for emergency supplies, new lights for the tree, when it became apparent to some that my attempt to swap out one string of lights for a non-functional one resulted in two different colors of lights on the tree: yellow-white and white-white. This, I was informed, was a major decorating faux pas. I admit, I never saw the difference. But it worked out because we purchased two Christmas gifts while we were out thereby contributing to the holiday retailer's profit margin.

But the best part about decorating this year was found in two new "toys." The Polar Express train circling under our tree is one and the new remote control lighting switches that we installed to control the lights is the other. No more crawling on the floor to turn on the Christmas Tree and all of the associated lights. 
Columbia Mall Poinsettia Tree

I am sure there will be more decorations to hang before the season is complete. We are undecided about setting up the Snow Village this year. While it will be hard to break an almost 30 year tradition, I'm not "feeling it" this year. Time will tell. 

I did have the chance to snap a quick photo of my favorite shopping mall decoration this year--the Poinsettia Tree in the Columbia Mall. Yes, I was out shopping with Chris on Black Friday for a few short, although seemingly eternal, hours. 

Another check in the holiday checklist is accomplished.

Next up? Shopping. Ugh! 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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