Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Interesting Images of 2013

So there are a few more images that I want to share from 2013. 

Opening day for the Jax's T-Ball team that I had the pleasure of coaching along with Mike. They learned a lot and so did I. I was reminded that it is not so much the winning that matters, but the growth associated with the effort.

The Tigers on Opening Day--It was Cold!
Sand castles on the beach in Jupiter during July. It reminds me of warm/hot summer days and ocean surf and warm breezes blowing in off the water. Time spent with grandsons on the beach? Priceless.

The Sand Castle to Beat all Sand Castles
One of the last views I ever had of our car after the accident in PA. Up against the jersey barrier, drivable but not repairable. The car did its job, to kept us safe. If you look at the driver's side you can see Chris trapped and waiting. She was magnificent in keeping us safe. We still, even six months later, miss that heroic machine.

The Lexus Last Drive

One of the most awesome sights and sounds I have experienced. A real B-17 in flight above me. I never thought that I would ever hear one for real and yet, there it was!

B-17 Over Camden Yards
Saving a leatherback turtle hatchling on the beach in Florida. We are officially recognized turtle rescuers. Leatherbacks are hard to rescue according to the turtle center where we took this little survivor. They are treated differently because of their prehistoric senses which will not allow them to calm down in captivity. While other hatchlings can be calmed and rehabilitated, leatherback hatchlings must be taken out to deep water as soon as they can.

Leatherback Hatchling
One of the greatest places to spend a Friday evening, on the Annapolis waterfront! The food isn't fantastic, but the view is stunning! There is always something happening.
Annapolis from Pussers
My last snorkeling excursion of 2013 before leaving Jupiter. The water was calm and the fishes were abundant. I am snorkeling in about five feet of water and there they all are--looking at me looking at them.

Snorkeling at Carlin Park, Jupiter, FL0
Across from the Jupiter lighthouse. I snap this image from the Square Grouper every year and I never grow tired of it. The Square Grouper is one of my favorite watering holes. The view of the rivers of Jupiter is fantastic and the place is relaxing after a busy day of snorkeling and beach wandering. 

The Jupiter Lighthouse form the Square Grouper
Palm before the storm. There is something about a palm tree against a gray and stormy sky that is beautiful. Maybe it is different because palms are usually imaged in front of a brilliant blue sky. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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