Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Punish the Victims

Sadly it had already begun, in the aftermath of the auto accident which occurred on Friday the victims are in the process of being soundly punished for being in the wrong place in time.

Day two of working with the insurance companies didn't go well. While the at fault driver in the accident, according to the police report, drove away from the scene in his relatively undamaged vehicle, I cannot even seem to get my vehicle brought home to Maryland and furthermore it appears that among many other things the ridiculously low insurance standard in Pennsylvania means he doesn't even have enough insurance to cover the damages to my vehicle.

I see it happening already. I will be the victim multiple times as this scenario plays out. My insurance company is taking over to make me whole--but I am already getting a lot of "no's" from them about what they will not do, like have my vehicle returned home for repairs. I do not live in Dunmore, PA. Why on earth would I want to have repairs done there? And, why should I be expected to go back to Dunmore, on my own nickel, to retrieve my vehicle when the repairs are done?

Then there is the matter of whether the damages to my vehicle exceed the value and that terrible concept of totaling out the vehicle. I hate that. I cannot replace the vehicle for what I expect to receive in payment. That story is still playing out--but I have been down this road before and been low balled by the insurance company.

There has to be a better way. I faithfully, and as required by law, pay my insurance premiums only to be treated like this? Lose my vehicle, not receive enough compensation to replace it, and spend enormous amounts of time negotiating with the insurance companies to be made "whole."  I already know that will not happen.

And the at fault driver drove off.

Being a victim never ends it seems.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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