Saturday, June 15, 2013

Changing it Up

Looking Towards the Statehouse in Annapolis
Sometimes life needs a change up. I find that on occassion  I need to do something different that either pushes me out of my comfort zone or deeper into it.

Last evening, it was deeper into my comfort zone. We headed off to Annapolis to enjoy the evening, the water, and the ambiance of that great city.  While it is not a beach where I can put my toes in the sand, Chris and I along with  a few of our friends found a table on the water to watch the comings and goings. It made for an enjoyable exclamation mark on the ending of the work week.

The evening was glorious, cool--but not cold, with low and pleasant humidity. I was comfortable in my Friday attire--an aloha shirt.

It seemed that everyone like us who had been held hostage to the storms of the week decided to come out to experience life on or near the water. It is evenings like last evening that sometimes cause me to think a bit too seriously about getting a boat--but in reality, I do not have time for a boat. I enjoy boats vicariously through the lives of others.

Last evening, I was deriving enjoyment and moments of pleasure from the sights, the sounds, and the activity in the harbor.

The sky was blue with puffy clouds. The storms were gone and the world was bathed in warm sunshine.

It was, for a few hours, an enjoyable respite from the week behind and a launching pad into the weekend ahead.

Yes, I usually enjoy sitting on my back deck--but sometimes I just need to change it up.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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