Friday, November 12, 2010

So What Did You Do On Your Day Off?

It is a rare thing when I have a day off and Chris has to work.

It only happens about three times a year--Columbus Day, Veteran's Day and President's Day.

So I do look forward to those days on my own--where I can get special projects accomplished and I can work at a leisurely pace around the house.

Sadly, the days never work out like I imagine them.

I had dreams of an afternoon nap--a leisurely day. But then reality set in.

The day started great--did I sleep in? No. I didn't plan on sleeping in and I chose instead to play racquetball at 0530--as I do on most Thursdays. I am continuing to play even though my game is becoming "spotty" at best. The best position for my opponent to be in is for me to have a lead--like 11-5. Yeah, I'm losing a lot now 15-11 after leading big. Ugh! I can't close the game out--kinda like the Ravens last night losing 26-21.

But still, I love racquetball.

And then the real day began. Back home for breakfast with Chris and watching the Today Show. I'm a hopeless Today Show junkie and I usually only get to see it on weekends.

Coffee, breakfast, the paper, computer in my lap and my dog at my feet--what could be better?

Really? Not much.

But I had a physical to go off to. Chris loves to schedule doctor appointments on my days off--that way I don't have an excuse.

And the doctor's appointment went amazingly well. I was home for lunch and then onto the big project: putting up the outdoor Christmas lights. We do this on warm days in the period between Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving. We don't turn them on until the Friday after Thanksgiving, but they are ready and I do not have to suffer through numb fingers and chilling temperatures to get the lights up if I do them on a warmer day--which yesterday was.

A normally two hour project took almost four hours!

I was besieged by nagging little problems--which sucked up the entire afternoon and of course my desired nap time too.

So by the time I finished, Chris was getting home from her day and we had dinner plans with friends.

At least I was able to enjoy a free Blooming Onion at Outback in honor of Veterans! Which I am. And we had a great dinner with stimulating conversation.

So what did I do on my day off? All of the important stuff but little of the enjoyable stuff.

And who knew that a day off was so much shorter than a regular work day?

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