Saturday, November 20, 2010

The One Thing

Here is the scene:

Curley is riding his horse during one scene in the movie City Slickers, and provides insight into the deep meaning of life. He holds up his finger and pronounces that it is about one thing.

Mitch, riding along side Curley gets excites and asks--"What is the one thing?" And Curley calmly tells him, "That's what you have to find out!"

Curley's one thing is different from Mitch's one thing.

My one thing is different from yours. We are each different and have different purposes that make us tick

That really struck me the other night as I was at a meeting where the discussion turned to talking about the "one thing" that really is our personal mission.

I envisioned a box, which when opened would have the one thing there--for me to see and be reminded of. The one that that is me and my personal mission/vocation in life.

Sadly it is not that easy.

I think I used to know what that one thing was--but a few years ago it got crushed and I haven't reconstructed it yet

So in my mind the other evening I opened my box and looked inside for the one thing--and it was empty. There were a lot of things hanging around outside the box--but no one thing had taken charge.

I was depressed, but I think I knew it all along.

But look at the opportunity. I get to redefine myself and my goals as I rediscover my one thing!

Wherever it is.

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