Saturday, November 6, 2010

Be a Cow--Watch TV

Really, it is true.

Cows like to watch TV and they produce more milk when the watch grass grow on TV.

This comes from an aarticle in Scholastic Magazine titled Cows Like TV, Too!.

And apparently they do like TV especially in the winter.

I was so fascinated with this article, that I extracted most of it here, but do check out the link, there is a really cool image of TV's in a cow barn.

People often complain that something's boring by saying they would rather watch grass grow. But it turns out that cows actually like watching grass grow—so much so that watching images of grassy fields on TV can help them make more milk.

Last year, farmers at the Rogachyovo Farm near Moscow, Russia, wondered why their cows produced less milk during winter. They discovered that cows get sad in winter because they don't like being cooped up indoors. When cows are sad, they make less milk.

So to make their cows a little happier, the Rogachyovo farmers began an experiment called Farm 2.0. Veterinarians set up a special barn where 10 of the 20 cows in it could watch TV.
The screens played images of grassy fields in the Alps, a mountain range in Europe famous for spectacular green valleys where cows graze. "Alpine cows give the best milk," explains the project's manager, Konstantin Labzin.

The veterinarians who took care of Rogachyovo Farm's cows announced that the experiment worked! The cows that watched TV during winter made three liters more milk per day than those that didn't watch. They say the images on TV relaxed the cows, making milking easier.

I wonder if there is something here that we need to notice.

TV helps me through the winter, too. Maybe I should watch mroe of it so that I produce more--


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