Saturday, November 13, 2010

Flying Old Glory - Update

Sanity reigns.

This just in from California regarding my post from earlier this morning:

A news article from this mornings Turlock Journal

Cody Alicea can fly his flag again:

However, after an outcry was raised locally and from afar, the district reversed that call on Friday, once again allowing Alicea to fly Old Glory.

This is critical and a huge victory for patriotism. But the article also points out some of the rest of the story.

The way it happened:

“A school employee said some students have been complaining about my flag and I needed to take it down,” Alicea said. “So I took it down. I was kind of mad and upset because I have been flying it for two months and all of a sudden its Veterans week and it’s a problem.”

The Denair Unified School District backed up the campus supervisor’s decision, in part because they had previously made other students stop displaying the flag of Mexico on Cinco de Mayo.

I had forgotten that Denair was the district which had banned the Mexican flag on Cinco de Mayo. But still--banning the American flag is a lot different. Like--this is the U.S. and not Mexico.

And by the way--the victory at Puebla on Cinco de Mayo was a victory for all of North America and probably allowed the Civil War to end with the United States re-unified rather than two separate countries.

But--that is a story for another day.

Congrats Cody and all Americans--we can still fly our flag in the USA!

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