Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tear 'em Down or Build 'em Up? Leading in a mixed up world.

What is a team leader to do?

Standing in the doorway watching the members of the team stroll in for the work day. Some with smiles on their faces and some with frowns.

Ever notice the ones whose shoulders are hunched over as if they are carrying a heavy load of burden and stress?

Wonder why the ones smiling are?

What is a leader to do? Add more stress and tear down the ones who are smiling so they can join everyone else?

Some days it seems that the "misery loves company" motto is too true.

Don't believe it. Teams need encouragement--not discouragement to be effective. Focus on the positives to remove or minimize the negatives.

Let people know what they are doing that is right and great.

Leaders need to help keep the team focused. This is a tough job. Build up--do not tear down.

People spend about one-third of their waking hours at work--so the environment we create at work is going to affect people and we need to manage it to keep it positive or at least neutral.

Productivity and creativity will increase.

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