Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Musings - May 18, 2009

1. This is graduation season, and this year we are celebrating with a lot of our family as they accomplish their educational goals. And it is awesome.

2. The first pool party of the season was a success--it was a bit cool, but two intrepid swimmers made the water.

3. Who says my dog has stopped growing? She is still eating!

4. Really? You want lights around the pool house so it looks like Disney what?

5. Hostas can get really big. On Sunday, I moved two of them that looked like the "hostas that ate New York." Only, New York couldn't get that lucky.

6. Youth Sunday at our church is really a high energy, light your hair on fire experience--and I love it.

7. Watching hockey with the boys is the best! Especially when the Penguins are winning.

8. Taking care of and learning new bosses is a lot of fun--as well as it is trying!

9. Spending a dinner with old friends, over wine and good conversation, is an awesome way to spend a Saturday evening.

10. It is not good to be so "up tight" about the plans of the day that you don't enjoy the day as it unfolds. Worrying about what's not happening on time takes away the pleasure of what's happening right now and washes out any enjoyment that the day may bring.

11. The one thing I can tell you about the weather is--it is! Cope with it. It adds a randomness to our plans that keeps our lives fun.

12. Don't use an umbrella when walking in the rain. You can't enjoy the splashing of the raindrops on your face when you are hidden under an umbrella.

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