Sunday, May 10, 2009

Makayla Graduates

I missed it.

Last week, Makayla successfully completed her first school--puppy training class and graduated. She was tied for first in her class (of two).

I was away on a business trip to Colorado for the last class. But Mommy successfully took her through class and through her paces.

Makayla had been going to class every week for eight weeks and has learned an amazing assortment of commands that she can successfully demonstrate depending upon her mood at the time.

She has learned: sit, down, stay, wait, shake, come (sort of) and puppy push- ups. We are still working on roll followed by over. She doesn't like to roll over and would rather back up to get the treat.

But, being a keeshond, she does have a stubborn streak and being a puppy she is very much a creature of the moment--be that a new smell or a fast running rabbit (at least until she comes to the end of her leash).

So, in the beginning of many firsts Makayla was a DG from her puppy training class.

Oh yeah--DG? Not distinguished graduate--but rather done graduated.

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