Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Frustration in the Car!

It happened so suddenly.

There I was, driving to work and listening to my I-Pod. Singing along to a tune. And then it all went silent.

My I-pod was dead. The battery depleted even though it is hooked up to the car charger.

What happened, I wondered even as I continued driving and possibly becoming a menace to traffic around me.

I checked the connections--all seemed good. But then, I noticed the little red light on the charger was not on.


Did the fuse in my car somehow blow? How could this happen. Let me check (all while driving) the other two spots where I can plug in my charger.

No joy. (oops, must avoid the truck in front of me!)

No power. I wonder. It is the truck or the charger. Hmmmm.

Sensing a dilemma, I then decide to push in the lighter (yes, my truck is so old it still has a cigarette lighter which has never, until today, been used)

The lighter heats up--meaning the problem is not the truck but the power converter for the I-pod.

Am I happy? Well, happy it's not my truck but still perplexed about the I-pod.

And now, I have to listen to the radio. Did I ever tell you how I feel about commercials?

I think I have a replacement at home so hopefully I'll have tunes for tomorrow's trek through the traffic-filled roads of Maryland.

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