Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jupiter - Day 4

Well, the vacation is going well. We have settled into a nice routine and I have decompressed, as has Chris.

We are currently exploring the virtues of B's: biking, beach, basking, bed and beautiful sunsets.

We have been biking seven miles every morning before 8:30 and then doing a quick breakfast before hitting the beach until about 1 pm. Then back to the house for showers and maybe a nap. It's a tough life but someone has to live it.

Afternoons are lazy and relaxing. We did some shopping to replace my stolen laptop and Chris's stolen camera. I did get a new HP and Chris got a newer model of her camera. Both were upgrades to what was lost, but we decided that spending some additional money over our expected compensation was worth it.

The snorkeling has not been good, although I've snorkeled twice. The surf has been rough, and is expected to be really rough later this week. I almost definitely will not be diving this vacation due to visibility concerns.

I love Florida. I love the heat. And I love chilling.

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