Friday, January 8, 2016

Evening at Home

Last evening was one of those rare evenings where the craziness of the workday actually ended and I was able to enjoy time in the evening just chilling.  

It was a strange situation, however, because I had a roaring fire in the fireplace to ward off the cold and I was watching the PGA Golf Tournament from Hawaii.

It was warm and sunny in Hawaii--the golfers were wearing short-sleeve shirts and hitting monster golf shots. I wished that I too was in Hawaii wandering the course.

Before the darkness arrived I even went outside where I practiced my golf swing and hit a few balls up and down the yard working with my relatively new attack wedge. But it was cold and my hands soon became numb. Golf is not a lot of fun when it is cold--the club striking the ball can really send shockwaves into the hands which make me wonder, why did I do that?

But I wasn't--and in truth that wasn't so bad. I went back into the house and realized that I was at home with my dog and cats and even Chris, who showed up after a bit. It all helped take my mind off the events of the day, including the continuing crash of the stock market because the Chinese bubble may have finally burst.

And now? Queue the weekend!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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