Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 24th--Respite Before the Storms

What a day! It was unexpected and fantastic.

Although, officially we did not make 70 degrees, the local weather station recorded 69.5 degrees and the day was fantastic.

The rain ended, the sun came out and I enjoyed a great afternoon and evening.

Silhouetted Deer in setting sun on the course
Let's recap the afternoon--which was the creative part of the day. 

I slipped out of work, with the approval of my supervisor, to head off to the golf course with Jeremy.  Yup--a warm, sunny afternoon was celebrated outdoors on the golf course. 

It was not that I played that well on the course, but that it was November 24th it was warm enough to be outside in a short-sleeved shirt playing golf! We played until dark--14 holes and on the way to the club house spied deer all along the course in the sunset lit landscape. 

Back at the house, it was time for  happy hour and some quality time around the fire pit with Mom and Dad. 

Glasses of wine, cheese and some great conversation in the evening light was a true memory.

It was, after all, November 24th. A day when cold should reign, but for a moment, for an afternoon, the temperatures were warm and memories were made. I am beginning to realize that I must take advantage of great weather when it is unexpectedly provided.

I strive to grasp and remember days like yesterday. Today's high will be 55 degrees and that will happen this morning. The evening forecast calls for 39 degrees accompanied by rain and snow! Oh by the way, it is thirty days until Christmas!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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