Sunday, April 13, 2014

Miles 4 Kyle

Miles for Kyle
I happened upon an interesting event yesterday. I was a charity event for a college student at the University of Maryland who has cancer. It was called Miles for Kyle

Groups of runners, followed by two busses and escorted by police were running along US 1 from College Park to Johns Hopkins to raise money for a fellow student afflicted with a rare form of cancer. I could not find direct information about the run on the internet, but I did find a couple of other events dedicated to Kyle.

I was parking my car in Elkridge town center when I saw the police escorting the group. I was lucky enough to learn the story from the proud mother of one of the runners who was there taking images of the group as the ran through Elkridge. 

It is amazing what a bunch of college kids were able to put together to support one of their own. I learned that Kyle was not able to observe the event because he was receiving therapy in Baltimore that day. But his friends were definitely on guard for him that day. 

As a result of my conversation with the proud Mom, I found the imaged note on the seat of my car when I returned. She was a great woman of faith and we had a deep conversation about cancer and young people and God's plan. We talked about how it is encouraging to see young people rally for those in need. I think we were both encouraged by each other after that short exchange. 

It is amazing how you can meet the best people in the most unexpected places. And I am praying for Kyle, and all of his supporters, too! 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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