Saturday, April 12, 2014

Hats of the Game

Maryland Flag O's Cap
Hats are worn everywhere and for almost every occasion  I must own 50 or more hats and caps. And I do have a hat for every occasion. 

Showing off my new cap with Patrick
This morning I have a new hat! I was at the Orioles game last evening, watching them lose because of ugly errors, but came home with the hat the that I had wanted since Opening Day thanks to the perseverance of Patrick and Tina. I had gone to the only stadium store which sells the hats and they did not have my size. Chris and I asked the manager about more hats in my size--which apparently in one of the most popular sizes only to be given a number to call back during the week when more were expected. As a surprise, later that same game, Patrick and Tina were able to get a hat, in my size, from the same store and the same manager! How does that work?

That was my personal highlight of the game--that, and being out on a beautiful, but breezy, Friday night with Chris, family and friends. 

I wish the outcome of the game had been different, but it was a beautiful early April evening and I was happy to be out at the ballpark celebrating the first official 80 degree day since October 2013 and watching baseball.

Thanks for the hat! When is my next game?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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