Sunday, December 29, 2013

2013 In Pictures: The Family Potraits

Wow. I went through the over 1000 images that I or Chris or other family members took this year trying to narrow them down to a manageable number. When I was done, I had 51 images behind which there was a significant story or event during the year.

I had planned on showing them in the blog--but I think 51 is just a bit too many. I will have to make an album out of them, but I also want the stories that go along with them to be remembered as well. I decided to show a few, probably most, of them in a couple of themed entries.

So here is the first batch. I call them the 2013 Family Portraits.

Dad's Birthday, Jan 2013
L-R: Mom, Me, Nicole D, Luke, Jeremy, Ethan, Nicole H, Dad, Mike, Jax, Patrick, Tina, Chris

January brought Dad's 85th birthday celebration and the Raven's playoff run resulting in a Super bowl ring. We gathered together as a group coming right out of the Christmas and New Year's holidays.

Easter 2013
L-R: Corey, Tina, Mom, Patrick, Chris, Nicole D, Lucas, Jeremy, Jax, Ethan, Me, Nicole H, Mike
Easter saw the gang together again to celebrate a holiday. Springtime and a magnificent Easter Egg Hunt!

Mom's Birthday June 2013
L-R: Stephanie, Jake, Tim, Mom, Kay, Dad, Pennie, Me, Chris, Emily

Mom's birthday in June was a beautiful weekend once we got there. We drove to NY with my two sisters for an amazingly fun time, with one small exception. We learned a lot about the kindness of rural Pennsylvania people in response to a fairly serious automobile accident that left our car totaled out by the insurance company. But blessed that there were no serious injuries, the weekend celebration went on as planned!

Halloween 2013
L-R: Me, Chris, Mike, Nicole H, Nicole D, Jeremy, Patrick, Tina
Halloween was a lot of fun. I had not dressed up in a costume in decades. Of course I had to be the Roman Patrician! The party, celebrated in Patrick and Tina's new house was fabulous. Sadly, the weather was really cold that night and many of their planned outdoors activities had to be accomplished around the fire pit.

Christmas 2013
L-R Chris, Me, Jax, Nicole H, Ethan, Mike, Patrick, Tina, Nicole D, Corey, Luke, Jeremy
And then there is the Christmas 2013 photo with the entire gang together again--almost. The year passed so quickly. The boys have really grown.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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