Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 Reflections

What a year it has been.

It seemed, to me, to go screaming by faster and faster with each passing day. As of this morning I have created 391 blog posts documenting the year and my thoughts on what is happening. I know there are but a few more and the year will be a wrap. 

The year surged and lagged from day to day. There were highlights, like Opening Day for the Orioles when there was so much promise for the young baseball season. And, there were lows, like totaling our Lexus on a trip to Ithaca, which, thankfully, saw only minor cuts and bruises.  And there were birthdays--everyone had one! Only one!

There was the obligatory trip to Florida for sun, heat, and snorkeling. There were trips to wineries in FL, NY, PA, MD, and of course VA. 

There were house projects, new roof, staining the deck, wood floors in two bedrooms upstairs, and pool maintenance--the usual stuff. 

I mourned the loss of friends and family who passed too suddenly and unexpectedly during the year and they reminded me that every day is a gift and should be treated as such.

I rejoiced at the births and new beginnings and new homes for both of my sons and their families. I rooted for Jeremy and Mike as they crossed the finish line in Frederick's half in May and then Baltimore's full in October marathon. I cheered for my grandsons as they played sports. I cheered on my wife and daughter as they participated in running events as well. And I rejoiced with Patrick as he started a master's program.

I felt bad about cutting down my beloved but diseased plum trees and I was astonished at seeing and hearing a B-17 fly overhead.

I kinda hate doing lists like these, because I always forget something important--like a wedding or a trip or something. Sure, I took business trips this year--but none really anywhere exotic, if there is anywhere still exotic. Is Alaska in February exotic? OK, maybe Tahiti would be exotic. If only I could figure out a way to get there on a business trip. 

All of that written, I also survived the government shutdown and furlough! A definite low point in American history.

It has been a wild and furious year. I have been surrounded by family and friends and we have surged through the rough waters and paddled the then calm seas together. 

I wonder what 2014 will have to offer?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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