Sunday, June 30, 2013

Construction Continues Through the Heat of the Day

Who knew that constructing a storage shed was such a complicated and demanding project?

I certainly didn't. And I'm betting that Tina and Patrick, who spent their entire Saturday helping Chris and I construct the shed, did not understand the tortuous complexity of the project either.

The day was sunny and hot! Hot being the operative word. Thankfully, we kept ourselves well hydrated and so no dehydration ailments occurred. We worked steady but not frantic. It was nice when we finally transitioned from constructing walls in the hot driveway to constructing the shed in the relative shade of the yard.

As we ended construction work for the day, about 6pm, the shed was well on its way to completion, but still lacking a few critical items like doors, a window, and of course the roofing system. Isn't it amazing that I have begun to talk about a roofing system and not just slapping some shingles on the roof to keep the rain out?

Amazingly, the building took shape from a relatively small pallet of materials. Everything was precut--which was both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it simplified the construction and a curse when we could not find some of the pieces. Specifically, two smallish trim pieces which became critical components could not be found for some time and we continued on without them--until they were discovered, of all places, inside the folded door panels.

But the shed is taking shape--I think I will call it the "out building" just to be different.

Today, hopefully, we can finish the building and begin moving stuff into it. I also need to build a ramp for the mower to get into and out of the out building. We will paint it when we return from Florida.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD
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