Saturday, November 27, 2010

Late-Autumn Blooms

There it was yesterday.

November Clematis
Late-November unexpected color along side the driveway. A clematis was blooming and offering its beauty to the graying world which daily displays more signs of the approaching winter.

I was surprised to see the blooms along the fence.

They were hanging on as the time for sleep approached.

And then I looked again down along the fence and I could tell how mild the season has been--Brown-eyed Susan's blooming along the fence to grace my late-November searching eye.

Susan's Along the Fence
The garden has been neglected for the past month or so and the leaves from the trees are blowing in along the fence--but the flowers are there blooming among the leaves.  They were very bright on the gloomy, rainy day I snapped the picture.

We have Christmas Lights illuminating the house at night and flowers reminding us of the summer past.

Now all I need is a warm sandy beach and a palm tree to complete the illusion.

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