Saturday, July 31, 2021

Saturday Golf

Clifton Park Golf Course 1st Tee Box
Baltimore, MD
July 31, 2021
I love watching the sun come up on the golf course and having a 6:20 AM Tee Time will ensure that happens. 

This morning Jeremy and I played Clifton Park in Baltimore. It was my first time on the course and I was very impressed. City courses do not have a good reputation, but the greens were in perfect shape and the course was overall excellent shape. Wow. 

Clifton Park 18th Tee Box
Baltimore, MD
July 31, 2021
The course has some beautiful views and tricky holes. There is not water, thankfully, but I still managed to mishit and lose a few balls. It has been almost two months since I played last.

The weather was pleasantly cool and not as humid as it has been lately. 

The last hole of the round was especially memorable because Jeremy made his first ever Eagle putt and it was a par 5. He knocked his best drive of the day and followed that with an incredible shot that went over the group playing in front of us who were hidden in a low spot looking for their balls. When they saw us looking they told us about a ball that just appeared on the green. Wow! And he made the pressure packed shot. I videoed the shot for posterity. 

It was a great morning on the course and a great way to begin the day. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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