Monday, July 12, 2021

Monday Musings - July 12, 2021


1. It is the second Monday of July 2021. There are two Mondays remaining this month.

Florence and Lily Relax
Elkridge, MD
July 11, 2021
2. I cannot believe that I occasionally still write 2020 when I mean 2021. I did it yesterday in the caption of an image I posted in my blog. I went back and corrected it, but I think the wrong date still shows up in Facebook.

3. Lily and Florence were relaxing on a hot July afternoon. I was likewise chilling in the shade after doing some projects and being up on the roof of the pool house. Having a pressure washer means having annually do some deep cleaning, which is best done under a hot sun!

4. There are a couple of scary headlines this morning.

5. Welcome to the Dog Days. This year they run from July 3 - August 11. And this week is going to be a hot one here in the mid-Atlantic region.

6. I do love hot summer days. What could be better?

7. Today in History. July 12, 1984. Walter Mondale, the leading Democratic presidential candidate, announces that he has chosen Representative Geraldine Ferraro of New York as his running mate. Ferraro, a daughter of Italian immigrants, had previously gained recognition as a vocal advocate of women’s rights in Congress. Ferraro became the first female vice presidential candidate to represent a major political party. 

Cuba sees biggest protests for decades as pandemic adds to woes - Reuters

Taliban surround central Afghan city of Ghazni  - Reuters

Italy erupts in celebration after Euro soccer triumph - Reuters

TikTok Owner Shelved IPO Plans After China Warning - The Wall Street Journal

Branson’s Virgin Galactic Flight Opens Door to Space Tourism - The Wall Street Journal

More Power Lines or Rooftop Solar Panels: The Fight Over Energy’s Future - The New York Times

Despite Outbreaks Among Unvaccinated, Fox News Hosts Smear Shots - The New York Times

Top U.S. commander to step down in  symbolic end to Afghan war - The Washington Post

This Christian movement wants a nation under God’s authority and is central to Trump’s GOP - The Washington Post

Ronald Reagan Quote for the Week

It's clear that achieving economic recovery now poses one of the greatest challenges to the free world, and it's this challenge that shall lie at the heart of our summit in Ottawa. We must discuss not just our problems there but our own national policies to cope with them and what we must do together to restore general prosperity.

I also hope from this summit will come a new sense of confidence and community among the industrial nations that economic recovery can be achieved. And I hope, further, that in our meetings, our countries will reaffirm our fundamental partnership with each other. For many years we've shared democratic political institutions, market economic systems, and a belief and faith in human dignity and freedom. By meeting at this summit, we will express our quiet determination to defend those institutions against any threat.

Finally, let me say I look forward to the summit for personal reasons. I believe it's important to the vitality of our foreign policy that I have the opportunity to renew friendships with world leaders who've already visited here in Washington and also have an opportunity to forge new relationships with those who've recently been elected to office.

Remarks of the President and Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau of Canada Following Their Meeting - July 10, 1981

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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