Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Sunday Morning at the Ballpark

Jax Swings and Misses
Pasadena, MD
May 23, 2021
 Well, it wasn't really a ballpark, it was a field with fences and dugouts behind a middle school in Pasadena, MD. That is where Chris and I found ourselves in the heat of Sunday morning watching baseball with other parents and relatives. And that is probably the truest form of baseball--a rough field, two teams, boys living a dream that may not be their own, and dedicated fans.

As Chris and I walked across the dry grass of the adjoining playgrounds to the baseball field, I though about the many other players and parents across the country who are doing the same thing this morning, other mornings, and evenings to enjoy the game of baseball. And I do enjoy baseball. The boys are getting to the age where the game is much more than try to hit the ball and hope something good happens. There are plays and calls and strategy. And often just plain old good hustle will turn into a great play. It is fun and frustrating because we want the boys to play like professional baseball players and sometimes forget that they are still boys who are learning. 

But it was on this Sunday morning that I realized how special it was to be able to enjoy the game of baseball as it was being being played on a hot, dusty field full of hopes and dreams.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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