Friday, May 28, 2021

Cicadas Everywhere


Cicada Brood X Nymph Shells
Elkridge, MD
May 27, 2021

In an effort to document the Brood X arrival, and subsequent departure, I have decided to provide periodic updates for those who are not enjoying (I use the term facetiously) the arrival of the bugs. 

They are loud and they are nearly everywhere. I do not rememberer the piles of empty nymph shells lying at the bottom of the trees from 17 years ago--but even after the ferocious rains of the night before, there are piles of the shells at the bases of trees in the neighborhood. 

Brood X Cicada
Elkridge, MD
May 27, 2021

I confess, however, the bugs are not a large as I remember. Maybe they are still young and will continue to grow during their short 2-4 weeks above ground eating and breeding.

But they are definitely here and I am not too sure why I was so excited about their impending arrival. 

It is an infestation of biblical proportions. The Egyptians had nothing on this!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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