Sunday, May 23, 2021

Lighting the. Night

Chris and I completed a lighting project yesterday for the pool area of the house. 

New Lighting
ELkridge, MD
May 2, 2021
Previously, we had rope lights on the fences, but over the years some portions of the strands had gone dark. It didn't look good and so we took them down earlier this year.

But, of course, we needed to replace them with something and so we decided to place lights on the deck itself. Amazingly the lights come in packages measuring 48 feet and the area we needed to cover was 47 feet, which meant that there was a foot at the end for the cord to come down. I admit, I never usually get that lucky. 

We installed the lights yesterday, after the heat of the day had passed, and I snapped this image last evening with the screened porch lights also illuminated. It does brighten the areas. And, as an added benefit, it also attracts Brood X cicadas and mosquitoes. 

We are hopeful that it will add fun to an already enjoyable area.

BTW, the pool is open and I actually swam in it yesterday! Yes! 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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