Thursday, December 3, 2020

Thursday Thoughts - December 3, 2020


It is an amazing time of year. 

Christmas is the next holiday up--and we are still fighting the COVID pandemic. So much for holiday parties. That will keep many of us a bit more sober and able to enjoy the season. 

This will be a good year to evaluate traditions and determine if they enhance the holiday or have become stressors that might best be forgotten next year when I believe things will return to something more normal. This will also be a good year, with so many things canceled, to discover what we individually need to make the season joyful--if we can even find joy amid the pandemic and suffering. It may be in giving of ourselves that we find true peace and joy.

There is a Kenny Chesney song that reminds me to find the joy in life and I sing along every time I hear it. It is called Get Along. And the refrain is as follows:

Get along, on down the road
We've got a long long way to go
Scared to live, scared to die
We ain't perfect but we try
Get along while we can
Always give love the upper hand
Paint a wall, learn to dance
Call your mom, buy a boat
Drink a beer, sing a song
Make a friend, can't we all get along

This song contains some good advice.

Can't we all get along? 

I hope you are blessed this Christmas season. Yes, it is different from Christmases before, but blessings sometimes are wrapped differently.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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