Sunday, December 13, 2020

Here it Comes!!!!


We have escaped, so far. All of that is about to change as the weather is expected to produce a classic December snow-storm this week. I do not know if they are calling for a Nor'easter or not, but the forecast surely looks ominous.

Ten-day Weather Underground Forecast for Elkridge, MD

The weather forecast for Elkridge is predicting 8.5 inches of snow! That would be more snow than we have received for the past two winters combined into one snowstorm.

Batten down the hatches and get those snowblowers revved up! Mine is broken, but the new carburetor should arrive tomorrow and hopefully I can it it running in time for the wintery weather. Our neighbor gave the snowblower to me when they moved and it has not been started successfully for three winters. I am happy to get it working in order to move 8.5 inches of heavy wet snow. I want to face snow with something more than a shovel.

I hope that the storm does not materialize. 

I could call the forecast a hoax and stick my head in the sand! But no, I'd rather be prepared if it does occur. 

Cold temperatures, freezing rain, snow--winter is arriving! I definitely should enjoy the probable last 62 degree day of the year today because here comes Winter!

Did I mention that I have a condo in Florida? Why am I not there?

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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