Sunday, December 27, 2020

Gifts and Golf


Playing golf makes choosing some Christmas gifts a bit easier. Golfers are almost always in need of consumables, like tees and balls. 

Of course, if balls are gifted it is important to know which specific type of ball the golfer uses. It is amazing how particular we golfers are about the golf balls we use. I'm not sure whether that make that much of a difference with the handicap that I carry--one or two shots a round are not going to show up that much. But, even I am particular about the brand--unless I get a free one from the golf gods while searching for my lost ball. Even then, more and more I am leaving certain balls where they lie because I believe for some reason they are "beneath" me. 

This Christmas I gifted a few dozen golf balls--fodder for the water hazards and forests. 

I also received a tee shirt that completely defines my golf game. Chris often remarks that I never saw a tree on the golf course that I couldn't hit! And I also received a very blue pair of glasses to help find golf balls hidden in plain sight in the rough. I hope they work because I have a devil of a time finding balls that just missed the fairway. 

Maybe that is what I like racquetball as an alternative, at least the ball is confined to the court--well, mostly, unless playing at outdoor courts.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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