Sunday, March 1, 2020

Spring Training 2020, Day 3

Ed Smith Stadium
Sarasota, Florida
February 29, 2020

The Spring Training trip is drawing to a close. My golf game yesterday was miserable, but then we played a a Champion course and I am not a championship player.

It was not pretty.

It was fun. The day was bright and sunny. We are getting a lesson in sunburn. With the cool temperatures we didn’t notice the sun’s effect until too late. There is no sun in Maryland to worry about, but this is the Sunshine State for a reason. While my golf game was not sharp, my team won the day. Thankfully, my teammates picked up the slack.

After golf, we went to Ed Smith Stadium and watched the Orioles defeat the Marlins. Wow!  I have to stop speaking badly of Chris Davis, he hit his third homer of the Spring Training and is leading the team in batting average.  

The Orioles crushed the Marlins, 12-6.  With the exception of the first run, the Marlins runs were scored after the starters left the field. 

Btw, it was Leap Day. It only happens once every four years. Today is the last day of the Spring Training trip. It is sad how quickly it went by. But I have a lot of good memories and a sunburn. Today is golf, baseball and a flight home.  

— Bob Doan, writing from Sarasota, Florida

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