Saturday, March 7, 2020

First Yard Work of Spring

Grasses in the Truck, Crushed Down
Elkridge, MD
March 5, 2020
It seems that good work begets more work!

Thursday afternoon the weather was fantastic and Chris and I made good use of the weather to cut most of the grasses around the pool. This is an annual task that must be done to prepare for the Spring. This year, unlike the recent few we allowed the grasses to remain and dry over the Winter and provide cover for the birds. 

The grasses always fill the truck to over flowing and by waiting until they were dry, they also took up more room and so we were able too only cut one side of the pool. The remainder will have to be done today to complete the job. 

After the grasses were in the truck, I started up the tractor to blow the remnants off the lawn! And guess what? The mower deck broke near the end of the job. It was not unexpected, I had identified a failing part last year when I performed routine maintenance and bought a replacement. But it is such a hassle to remove the mower deck that I decided to run the deck until the part failed. Well, now I get to replace the part while I am doing Springtime routine maintenance on the tractor!  

But the lawn looks good. 

There is always one more thing to do, it seems!

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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