Thursday, March 5, 2020

And Then There Were Three?

I have not written much about politics since the impeachment trial, but I think I need to swing back and note a few developments that have occurred during the past week. 

It was a turbulent week for the Democratic presidential hopefuls. The field was dramatically reduced after the South Carolina primary and that led to Super Tuesday--primaries in 14 states, becoming a four candidate race which has since reduced to three. 

As I see it, "We the People" again have a wide spectrum of political views with which to affiliate themselves. On the far right, there is the President and the Republicans who have abrogated any centrist and moderate view of the future. On the far left, there is Bernie Sanders the self-proclaimed democratic socialist. Somewhat right of the far left is Elizabeth Warren and squarely in the middle is Biden. It is as diverse a field as we had for the 2016 election when we had the same candidates on the far left and right with Clinton trying to be the moderate-centrist candidate. 

The next big question is what will Elizabeth Warren do about her campaign. We may see something soon as the results from the first round of primaries and caucuses suggest that 2020 is not her year. The big question outstanding is if she chooses to terminate her campaign, will she support Sanders or Biden. I see her as holding down the piece of political continuum in between the two of them. 

Time will tell how this shakes out. I am encouraged by the high turnout of voters during the primaries! Americans hopefully are making their voices heard and are voting to shape the future of the country.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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