Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Spring is Close

How do I know that Spring is close? 

Golf Net in the Yard with Makayla
February 17, 2020
It felt Spring arriving yesterday. The temperature soared to 55 degrees and the sun was shining. I could tell that the yard was beginning to dry and I wanted to get the tractor out and start grooming the yard for the growing season except that the battery was dead. So then I decided to get my Jag, Cat, out for a drive, but the battery was dead. And my battery charger was out of the house as I had loaned it to someone. Ugh. 

Spring is definitely close. I even got my golf net out yesterday and began hitting balls into it to get my swing in shape, not that I have a swing to get into shape, before the upcoming Spring Training trip. I hit over 100 balls to begin the process. 

Perhaps I felt the need to experience Spring after spending the weekend in Upstate New York where the scenery is covered with snow and the temperatures were below 0 for most of the time I was there. Even so, I am going to enjoy the sunshine whenever it arrives as it seems that there is a definite lack of solar energy right now because of the pervasive cloud cover.

The only thing I did not do was get my drone, Radio Flyer, out to survey the winter's devastation. There are a lot of trees down and many more to fall as the ravaged ash trees become homes for insects and dinner plates for woodpeckers.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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