Monday, February 3, 2020

Monday Musings - February 3, 2020

1. Welcome to February 2020.  It is already the third day of the new month. Remember, this February is a Leap Year February, hence, it had 29 days!

2. Yesterday was an interesting weather day. It started partly overcast, then turned into a gray rainy day, and finally the clouds cleared about 2:30 PM and the sky was clear and beautiful. 

3. How about that Super Bowl? It definitely was SUPER! I did not post it on my blog, but someone at work asked me who I wanted to win and I said Kansas City and they will win by 10! I missed it by a point--they won by 11. Final score, in case you missed it: Chiefs 31 - 49ers 20. The Chiefs actually scored all of the points needed to win the game during the 4th Quarter (21)!

4. We are back to the Impeachment proceedings today. I wonder what surprises await us? 

5. Hopefully, the weather here in the Baltimore region will continue to be as moderate for February as January was! I love mild winters. I know the ret of the country is getting slammed--but it is relatively mild here.

6. Today in History. On February 3, 2005, Alberto Gonzales wins Senate confirmation as the nation’s first Hispanic attorney general despite protests over his record on torture.
The Senate approved his nomination on a largely party-line vote of 60-36, reflecting a split between Republicans and Democrats over whether the administration’s counterterrorism policies had led to the abuse of prisoners in Iraq and elsewhere. Shortly after the Senate vote, Vice President Dick Cheney swore in Gonzales as attorney general in a small ceremony in the Roosevelt Room at the White House. President Bush, who was traveling, called to congratulate him.


Ronald Reagan Quote for the Week

Hatred, envy, and bigotry are as old as the human race itself, as too many tragic passages in the history of the world bear witness. What is new and daring and encouraging about the American experiment is that from the beginning, men and women strove mightily to undo these evils and to overcome the prejudice and injustice of the old world in the virgin soil of the new.
  -- Remarks in New York City on Receiving the Charles Evans Hughes Gold Medal of the National Conference of Christians and Jews - March 23, 1982

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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