Saturday, September 21, 2019

Most of the Way Home

Post-conference Reception
Wailea, Maui
September 20, 2019
I watched the sun rise this morning, but I was bleary-eyed because I had just landed in Denver. Those of us who traverse time zones while traveling know that it can be somewhat disorienting to take off from one place at 8PM at night and wake to the rising sun some five hours later in a different time zone. It seems like the Zombie Apocalypse  has arrived. 

Wailea, Maui Beach
September 16, 2019
Yesterday I enjoyed Maui and today I'm stuck with an incredibly long Denver layover waiting to get back to Baltimore. 

The departure from Maui was smooth and we were treated to a great end of conference party to send us off on our way. We left the reception, loaded luggage in the rental and headed for the airport. 

Arrival at Denver from Maui, Boeing 777
September 21. 2019

I will miss sitting with Chris on our balcony enjoying the rising sun and looking over the small beach that we would see from our room. We enjoyed the waves crashing on the beach and the sounds of the birds as the awakened for the day. 

We enjoyed the open air lobby of the hotel and restaurants, although the air did become very heavy at times. Chris tested her camera skills on the beach Friday by taking some spectacular images of the waves crashing on the rocks. 

I may be able to use some of them in the blog later.

For now, we are waiting--waiting, and waiting. Soon, though, we will be winging our way home and Maui will be memories and images.

-- Bob Doan, writing from Denver International Airport, Denver, CO

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