Monday, September 23, 2019

Monday Musings - September 23, 2019

1. Summer slipped away and Autumn began while I was sleeping. The leaves falling on my yard are now properly aligned to the season.

2. Returning home after being away has been a bit of a whirlwind with parties and football. And now it is back to our regularly scheduled life.

Finn and Riordin Sleeping
Elkridge, MD
September 22, 2019
3. Buddies sleeping together in a sunbeam who had been reunited after a week apart. They were cute laying there stroking the same pose. 

4. Family NFL report: 

    Ravens lost to Chiefs 28-33
    Steelers lost to 49ers 20-24
    Cowboys defeated the Dolphins 31-6
    Redskins meet the Bears tonight

Spider in the Bushes
Black and Yellow Garden Spider
Odenton, MD
September 22, 2019
5. There was this huge spider. It was in a bush outside of Nicole's house and it made for a great image. It did not seem to mind the attention it received. 

6. It is amazing how quickly Chris and I can unpack--we had everything unpacked and the first load in the wash and were out the door for a birthday party just an hour-and-a-half after arriving home on Saturday.

7. With the ending of September on Monday next week, the progression towards winter will begin unabated. At least we are still playing baseball until November. 

8. Today in History. On September 23, 1875, Billy the Kid is arrested for the first time after stealing a basket of laundry. He later broke out of jail and roamed the American West, eventually earning a reputation as an outlaw and murderer and a rap sheet that allegedly included 21 murders.
The exact details of Billy the Kid’s birth are unknown, other than his name, William Henry McCarty. He was probably born sometime between 1859 and 1861, in Indiana or New York. As a child, he had no relationship with his father and moved around with his family, living in Indiana, KansasColorado and Silver City, New Mexico. His mother died in 1874 and Billy the Kid—who went by a variety of names throughout his life, including Kid Antrim and William Bonney—turned to crime soon afterward.


Hong Kong Police Posed as Protesters, Launching a Bloody CrackdownHong Kong Police Posed as Protesters, -New York Times

36 Hours in Albuquerque - The New York Times

Iran resists sanctions, U.S. is 'desperate,' Rouhani says - Reuters

Five civilians killed in air strikes by Saudi-led coalition in Yemen: TV - Reuters

Ronald Reagan Quote for the Week

All my life I've seen that when people have freedom and a vision, when they have the courage and the opportunity to work hard, and when people believe in the power of faith and hope, they can accomplish great things.
  -- Remarks at a Question-and-Answer Session at St. Agatha High School in Detroit, Michigan, October 10, 1984

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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