Friday, September 27, 2019


Thanks to all who provided greetings for my birthday. It is overwhelming to get greetings form so many people. I remember that in the olden days we would rush to the mail box for greetings and now we go to Facebook. 

I cannot believe that I am another year older--I hope I have the mental capacity to remember my new age when asked--whatever it is.

I have been asked about retirement and I think the end of the daily work rodeo is forming out on the horizon. It is still in the distance, but I have begun to get ready for the day when I no longer report to work promptly at 0700--but not yet. 

What will life after retirement look like? 

I am still looking for that answer. 

Prostate Cancer Awareness Ribbon
From seeing my retired friends, I know that there is life after retirement, but I am not too sure what it is at this point. 

But this birthday reminds me that the year past was a traumatic year. I went through 44 prostate cancer treatments starting right after my last birthday and have been recovering marvelously since then. September is, after all,  prostate cancer awareness month.  Chris and I bought a condo in Florida--but did not go on a cruise, although we recently went to Hawaii. But most importantly, we have spent time with family. 

A wise man once told me that after I retire and leave the organization where I work that people will quickly forget what I did there, but my family will never forget the times we spent together and the times we spent apart. 

I have had both times with and apart from my family.  Last evening was special because I was able to gather with my whole family--minus one, to celebrate.

Let the next year begin.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD 

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