Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Best Happy Hour

Happy Hour
Intracoastal Waterway, Jupiter, Florida
July 16, 2019
People who know me, understand that I love celebrating Happy Hour and especially enjoying the time with friends. 

The other evening, we observed a great happy hour in Florida with friends that was one of the most memorable in a long time. 

Happy Hour Along the Intracoastal
July 16, 2019
Happy Hour lasted about three hours because the water was flat, the day was warm, and the company was inspiring. That was what made it such a memorable Happy Hour. Coming at the end of a busy day which saw a lot of work accomplished to complete the new Key West room of the condo and so it was nice to relax and enjoy the beautiful ending to the day from the shores of a quiet and picturesque spit of sand along the intracoastal.

We were in sight of the drawbridge connecting to Jupiter Island and there were schools of fish of all sizes in the channel. We did some snorkeling, but the current was swift, I thought it was like doing a drift dive in the Gulf Stream.

It is a good memory from a great time with friends. But now, I'm back in Maryland and headed to a golf tournament tomorrow.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, Maryland

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