Friday, July 19, 2019

Project of the Day

The Sitting Room
July 18, 2019
Today marks the end of our all-to-short trip to Florida. It was supposed to be a mid-summer vacation and while we enjoyed being away from the heat of the mid-Atlantic region by walking the beach, snorkeling, and visiting new places for happy hour; we did a lot more work on our Florida home than either of us imagined. 

Fran Adding a Junction Box in the Master Bath
Note the White rectangle Where the Old Light unit Resided
July 15, 2019
The big objective for the trip was to receive the chairs for the sitting room and which would complete placing furniture in all of the rooms of the house. We successfully accomplished that objective and have created a very nice sitting room off the kitchen as a place to enjoy morning coffee and to write my blog. The chairs arrived yesterday, as promised by the shipping company, and we were ready to position and place them into service. 

The Master Bath is now the Key West Room
July 18, 2019
But there was so much more we accomplished during the trip. A new light was planned for the master bathroom--and we had purchased the light during our last visit to the house. The problem was that the footprint of the new light unit was significantly different from the existing one and that meant the area behind it would need to be painted to match wall. Well, as it turned out, that became a project that transformed the master bath into the Key West Room. 

Chris Installing the Blades on the Ceiling Fan
July 18, 2019
But wait, there's more. Through a series of discussions it was determined that there needed to be a filing fan in the living room to replace a fairly unbecoming ceiling light. Guess what? Yup, a new ceiling fan was installed and the light unit form the living room in the new sitting room. Chris was right there in them mix helping to get the ceiling fan installed and operational. 

To get the projects accomplished there were the obligatory shopping trips which also included finding more wall art and items to soften the look of the house. Chris tells me we are nearly there! Yay! There are only a couple of projects outstanding life under-counter lighting and lighting for the wall unit. These projects will have to wait for an other trip.

There is so much to do no matter which house I am living in at the moment. Projects seem to be a way of life.

But they keep me busy!

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, Florida

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