Tuesday, July 16, 2019

50 Years Ago - Apollo 11

I remember the launch of the Apollo 11 mission to land men on the moon vividly to this very day, even though I was only 13 years old. I was excited about the greatest adventure in the history of humankind. For the first time, humans were planning to set foot on something other than Earth.

Today, we begin a period of remembering what happened 50 years ago. At 9:32 AM EDT, July 16, 1969, Apollo 11 launched and the journey began. 

While it seems like ancient history to some, to many others of us the launch, the risk, the journey to the Moon by the brave trio of Neil Armstrong, "Buzz" Aldrin, and Michael Collins; was as if we were making the trip along side of them.

The hopes and prayers of all Americans traveled together with the three astronauts. 

Take some time this week to pause and reflect about one of the greatest achievements in human history, and something that has been replicated by no other country on the planet. 

-- Bob Doan, Tequesta, Florida

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