Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Weather, News, Plans, and Sunsets

The rains returned with a vengeance last evening. The lightening show associated with the rains was somewhat muted, but the sound of the rain hitting the house was noticeable over the television at mored than one point during the movie Chris and I elected to watch. We were lucky to complete our evening dog-walk as the rain began falling.

I guess the rain was good because some of our plants were getting a bit dry from successive days without rain. 

The blue skies are expected to return today, the gray overcast of the past days was draining and made me want to head off on a Caribbean vacation even sooner. Tonight, however, is a special event as we attend the Kenny Chesney concert at Merriweather Pavilion. Here's hoping that expected good weather holds for the outdoor concert.

The news was no help in distracting attention from last evening's storms, either. What a terrible news night. The President was implicated in a felony, there were the usual murders in Baltimore, the story of the murdered family in Colorado took a sick twist, and a missing girl was found dead in Iowa.

We definitely need a change in the news media. I need to find a good news station!

Chris is at the doorstep of retirement becoming a reality. Howard County teachers return to the classroom in force today as the pre-schoolyear activities and training ramp up. It is hard to believe that the summer has already begun to wind down.

Because of the gloom last evening, I went through some of Radio Flyer's recent video and found one of a beautiful evening with a spectacular sunset to remind myself how a day is supposed to end. I love sunsets almost as much as sunrises. 

Making the video made me feel better and look forward to today's improved weather outlook.

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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