Thursday, August 9, 2018

Orioles Thursday - August 9th

Baseball remains my favorite professional sport, despite the failure of the Orioles this season.

I admit, golf is moving up the ladder since I also get to play golf and appreciate the sport from a participant standpoint.

But, it is Thursday and time to check in on the Orioles as the season is beginning slide into the final stages. 

Last evening the Orioles pulled off a late-inning rally to win 5-4 over the Tampa Bay Rays. It is something that they have not done a lot of this season. 

The Orioles (35-79, .307) are now tied with Kansas City as the 29th best team in MLB. Please remember that there are only 30 MLB teams. they have been playing .500 baseball for the past few weeks and have lowered they expected total losses for the season to 112!

Update on some of the Orioles players who are now wearing different uniforms:

Manny Machado is only hitting .274 in 18 games for the Dodgers. He was hitting .315 with the Orioles.

Jonathan Schoop in 6 games with the Brewers is hitting .120. He was hitting .261 with the Orioles.

Maybe the Orioles picked a good time to make some significant roster changes?

As football season ramps up, Baltimore will turn purple and begin following the Ravens. I, however, will continue watching the Orioles and hoping that it gets better next season. 

-- Bob Doan, Elkridge, MD

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